The Irony of Parenting Pt 1: “I need a break!”

If you are a parent, you know exactly what I am talking about.  If you aren’t but have a friend who is a parent, you know what I am talking about.  “Take a break” is code to my 6 year old daughter to stop talking.  I don’t even know how the girl is alive because she doesn’t stop long enough to take a breath it seems like. Parents need breaks and honestly kids need them too. Parenting is mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausting.   You put your kids to bed and you do one of two things; you flop onto your bed and pray to God you get a decent night sleep or you grab a drink and maybe a snack and you hit the couch because for an hour or two you want to watch something besides Barbie or Paw Patrol (and maybe you sacrifice a couple hours of sleep because you would rather get some adult time than sleep).

You didn’t realize you would eventually become your parents and say no to 99% of every request.  You catch yourself saying things then shaking your head in disbelief that you’ve become “that person” but you have to stay strong because they can’t see you cave.  Maybe you’re brave and throw animals into the mix, then you’re not only wiping butts, your wiping up pee and poop off the floor from the “this was a good idea at one point” puppy.

It’s a circus, a full blown circus…but it’s YOUR full blown circus, with your little miracle(s).  We may complain, vent, and pretend like we have the most exhausting reality known to man but at the end of the day as we tuck them into bed, we can’t help but smile and see the beauty in the miracle they are.

Summer may be the most bi-polar season in a parent’s life, especially if you are at home full time during the summer.  It’s the season that we wait all year for, for so many reasons; warm weather, vacation, no early alarms to get the kids up for school, fun camps and activities, and maybe the trip to grandma’s house.  But then camp comes and the trip to grandma’s house, and you realize you are already ready for your “break” to be over.  The house may be more quiet and you may not be as stressed, but the way your heart aches from missing them is like no other emotion in the world.  The noise that normally stresses you out is now gone and the silence is an overwhelming reminder that your angel is not sleeping under your roof.  Then you pray; you pray for their safety and then you secretly hope that they miss you too and don’t get spoiled so much they don’t want to come home.

SO….you get the break you “so desperately needed” but then all you can think about is when they come home.  Oh the irony!

2 thoughts on “The Irony of Parenting Pt 1: “I need a break!””

  1. One thing about it, those girls are lucky to have you as their mom! You always find a way in your busy schedule to show them your love and show your husband. Keeping up with the house, 3 business, 2 girls, 1 boy, 1 husband, 2 dogs is not easy. But you do it, and you always putting us first!


  2. This is what motherhood is all about. It crazy, challenging but so full of rewards. And as a mom of grown kids, that feeling of hoping they miss you as much as you miss them never goes away. The thrill of being a grandma is as precious as being a parent without the stress of everyday life.


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