Commonality: the ties that bind

Have you ever been somewhere for the first time; another country, another state, a new school, a new church, or any other place where you feel uncomfortable and alone?  Then you met that person, the person that is from your country, your state, the person that dresses the same, the person with the same military upbringing, or any other little or big thing that you have in common.  What happens?  You immediately feel comfortable in each other’s company.  That doesn’t mean you will be best friends or even facebook friends.  What is does mean is in that moment, you no longer feel alone.  You feel like you have someone you share a commonality with and you are eternally connected in that moment.



"You like long walks in electrical storms too? Wow! We get a charge out of the same things."
“You like long walks in electrical storms too? Wow! We get a charge out of the same things.”

Now, take that same scenario and try to find something you have to disagree on.  Can it happen quickly?  Absolutely!  Do you all of a sudden have a reason to not like that person or maybe you are judging them now?

In which scenario did you get that warm and fuzzy and which scenario did you get that nauseating pit of your stomach feeling? The reality is that we are full of opinions!  How can we not be?  We live in a society that cherishes the freedom of speech and individuality…right? So we think.  Unfortunately, we live in a society that thrives more on our differences than what brings us together.  Instead of respectfully acknowledging that someone has an opinion that is different than your own and being okay with it, we live in a society where people immediately become offended that someone else has an opinion different than their own.  How could they!!  How appalling!


Really?!  Is this the society we want to raise our children in?  Is that how we want our children to behave?  Of course not!  We want our children to be aware that we are all uniquely different and come from all walks of life.  Opinions, whether they be in common or opposed to our own, is a right everyone deserves to have.  It doesn’t mean they are a horrible person, it means they have a different perspective.



Instead, why don’t we focus on what we have in common?  Regardless of how different two people are or how different their journey of life has been, they would be hard pressed to not find one thing they share in common.  Commonalities are the ties that bind us together!  In a world where division is as common as gnats on a humid southern summer day, why not cherish the commonality (#warmandfuzzies)

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